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Asul Overview

Asul, a world of magic and wonder. The planet is home to many beings and creatures, as well as lush plantlife. It is said that the goddess Illassan created the world in her beauty, though others believe that the world was around long before the worship of gods began.



Sitting between the Aldwinter Ocean to the east and the Western Sea on the west, Louripa is a continent situated north of the equator of Asul. It’s most northern areas are always cold, and come winter, are usually covered in a deep, heavy snow. The southern areas, while they still have winter and get cold, are less harsh than their northern counterparts. Four countries make up Louripa, and a fifth area, simply known as the Northern Region, rounds off the continent.




The calendar is broken up into 12 months, governed by the lunar cycle. Each month consists of 30 days, with the full moon happening on the 15th day of each month. The moon phases, given their names by the time of year, are listed below in order of how they fall.

  1. Winter Moon
  2. Trapper’s Moon
  3. Fisher’s Moon
  4. Planter’s Moon
  5. Bright Moon
  6. Rose Moon
  7. Summer Moon
  8. Lightning Moon
  9. Harvest Moon
  10. Hunter’s Moon
  11. Dark Moon
  12. Cold Moon

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The World

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