While religions generally have the same philosophies, they do not always contain the same deities or gods. Thus it is all across Asul, with many different culutres striving to prove that their one religion is correct.

Some believe that there is only one true god, others believe in a multitude of deities. While no one truly knows who is correct, each individual may believe his own faith. From the great Seven in Valiton, to the honorable nine in Espur, to the Dark Ones within Marsalion, even kingdoms belonging to the same continent don’t necessarily believe in the same deities.

Below is a list of deities, associated origins, and domains.

Deities of Louripa
The Seven (Valiton)

Worshipped by the society of Valiton, the Seven have become the prominant figures of religious belief within the country. They are worshipped as one, and seven, respectively. As a whole each deity is their own being, but most citizens worship all Seven. Clerics and priests have an obligation to serve all Seven; however, they can turn their focus onto strictly one if they so desire.

Illassan, Goddess of Earth and Sun
Domains: Earth, Sun, Plant
Malei, God of Tyranny and War
Domains: Darkness, Evil, War
Saed, God of Chaos and Trickery
Domains: Chaos, Madness, Trickery
Uandor, God of Travel and Weather
Domains: Air, Travel, Weather
Avafila, Goddess of Justice and Protection
Domains: Glory, Good, Protection
Fiandira, Goddess of Charm and Water
Domains: Charm, Water, Healing
Nuheli, Goddess of Family and Freedom
Domains: Community, Liberation, Repose

Deity of the Darkwood Vale (Valiton)

Strictly an elven god worshipped by those of the Darkwood Vale, Naidari is thought to be the creator of the elven people. While elves from other regions may disagree on this fact, those of the Vale would put their lives on the line to prove such.

Naidari, Goddess of Life and Nature
Domains: Healing, Plant, Repose

The Dark Ones (Marsalion)

Mineid, (Under Construction)
Domains: (Under Construction)
Dron, (Under Construction)
Domains: (Under Construction)
Terann, (Under Construction)
Domains: (Under Construction)
Phyndra, (Under Construction)
Domains: (Under Construction)
Renasa, (Under Construction)
Domains: (Under Construction)

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