While humans count as the vast majority of the population, not all are the same by any stretch of the imagination. Each country, each culture, gives it’s own life to the human race as a whole, and two humans from opposite sides of the world could mirror one another, or they could be complete opposites. From the chivalrous knights of Valiton and Marsalion, to the nomadic tribes of the Goldland Barrens, human civilization is vast and each culture has it’s own customs and flavor.

Races of Louripa

Valiton Human Stats (Available)
Marsalion Human Stats (Unavailable)
Espur Human Stats (Unavailable)
Catharum Human Stats (Unavailable)

Wildling Stats (Unavailable)


Following in the steps of their fathers, the dwarves of Asul still live under the mountains. Mostly fearful of the other races, they’ve done their best to stay out of the ever moving, ever growing surface, and keep to themselves under the earth. Very rarely will one find a dwarf livingg amonst the other races, though it does happen occasionally.

Races of Louripa

Meloragas Range Dwarven Stats (Available)
Red Mountain Dwarven Stats (Unavailable)
City Dwarven Stats (Available)


Spread far and wide, with many different variations, elves are one of the few races that truly mix well with the humans. They are able to breed with humans, though their offspring, half-elves, cannot. Throughout the world, there are generally two distinct possibilities for elves, those that live in the wild, and those that have chosen to live within the city walls of humans and other races.

Races of Louripa

Darkwood Vale Elven Stats (Available)
City Elven Stats (Available)

Races of Egeos

Perantean Elven Stats (Unavailable)


Having lost their place in the world a long time ago, halflings have lived under the foot of humans for generations now. Very rarely will you find a dedicated halfling colony, mostly they are just found living amongst the other races.

Races of Louripa

City Halfling Stats (Available)

Races of Antanova

Kandari Stats (Unavailable)


Much like half-elves, half-orcs are outcasts from their orc heritage. Unlike half-elves, they are also shunned by their human lineage, and thus are most unwelcome within the human societies. While you will always find a few who disregard this notion held by the humans, most have become wanderers and forest dwellers, living in the wild.

Races of Louripa

City Half-Orc Stats (Available)
Wild Half-Orc Stats (Available)


Mingling amonst the humans, half-elfs have no real place in the world to call their own. Most wild elves don’t even acknowledge their half-human offspring if they happen to have them, and won’t allow them to live amongst their elven peers.

Races of Louripa

Valiton Half-Elf Stats (Available)
Espur Half-Elf Stats (Unavailable)
Marsalion Half-Elf Stats (Unavailable)
Catharum Half-Elf Stats (Unavailable)


Persecuted in Valiton, thriving in other parts of the world, gnomes are a complicated race. While most only seem them as mere amusement, the arcane arts that they are fond of have made them persecuted within the borders of Valiton. They can usually be found throughout the world, if one looks hard enough.

Races of Louripa

Valiton Gnome Stats (Available)

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