Kerris Otema


Kerris is a human woman in her mid 20’s with red hair, and otherwise unnoteworthy features. Observant individuals will notice that she moves very quietly and there is a certain harsh coldness to her eyes that never seems to mesh with her otherwise smiling face. Her clothes are those of a simple priestess and festooned with holy symbols of Fiandira.

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Who me? No real story to tell, really. I’m just a priestess of the Lady striving to do a little good in these dark times. In years past, I had a slightly… Shadier past, but who doesn’t? All that matters is that I found my way into the temple and Her service and have been nothing but happy ever since.

As part of my acolyte training, I’ve been partnered with Valik Norooth. He can get a bit intense at times, but don’t worry; he’d never hurt anyone if he could avoid it. We’re nothing more than wandering clerics though, just looking for the next opportunity to do good deeds and, lightly, admonish the wicked, when needed. The two of us have had a few adventures of late, rescuing villages and healing the injured, and I assure you, everything will be just fine.

Now, you said something about a drink? I’ll buy the next round with some gold I recently found, Goddess be praised!

Well, if you’re really curious, my friends and I did stop a plot against the royal court a few years back, but it wasn’t anything major… Just us doing our duty to Goddess and country, you know? Tried to turn down the king’s reward, but he insisted, so I used the Lions to open up a mercy house in Hapwater. If you’re ever around the area, stop on by! We heal the body, mind, and soul there… No, no, it’s free. We take kind donations, of course, but on a purely voluntary basis! By the Goddess though, you’d be surprised at how generous some people can be!

Kerris Otema

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