Haket Davor

A wild yet civilized half-orc hailing from northernmost Valiton seeking adventure and good ale.


Most people look at me with disgust or pity when they realize that I’m a half-orc, automatically jumping to the conclusion that my poor mother was raped or that my father has bad luck with women, but my parents had a strong relationship while it lasted and still care very much for each other. My mother was a half-orc and the daughter of a wealthy Espurian businessman and my father was a well-mannered orc that traveled with the Davor tribe when they were tracking the herds. They met one day when my father was bringing furs into the market to trade for supplies. They hit it off quickly and soon I was born. Unfortunately, my grandfather didn’t approve of my mother’s choice of husband and sent her away, but luckily my father was a keen tracker. My parents had to keep their love a secret and I grew up under my father’s watchful eye and warm heart.

That’s not to say that I didn’t get to spend time with my mother as my grandfather would often go away on business trips and my mother would spend her free time at the family’s summer home. My mother tried her best to help me, knowing what the future would hold for me being a half-orc herself. She looked more human than orc, but see was still ostracized for it by those who knew her secret. On a lighter note, my father and I visit her once a year at the summer home right before the Davor tribe follows the herds south in preparation of winter. I long for the day when my grandfather passes away and we can finally be a family.

With the skills my father taught me, the financial advantages my mother was able to give me, and my own natural, innate abilities, I have managed to live a happy and fulfilling life. However, I long for adventure and want to see the world, unlike other half-orcs. I am intrigued by things that I know little about and want to learn everything that I can. I have set out with my father’s blessing and my hunting dire wolf Snarls, whom I’ve raised from a pup, to see what there is to be seen. Also, I wish to taste many exotic ales.

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Haket Davor

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