Kerris's Journal Part Two

Entry 1
Right. Got orders from the king… An elf force has been marauding from somewhere near the Darkwoodvale. Went to Haplake, and got the band back together. Good times.

We struck out to investigate, and were almost immediately met and assaulted by an elf party. We dispatched them, were unable to take prisoners, and move out. Within six hours of scouting, I encountered a group of kobolds. Turns out, they were hunting a bone devil through the area. We left peaceably, and actually managed to pick up the devil’s trail.

Where to? Back to Hapwater, naturally. Took some effort, but we found the house it was hiding in… My shadow scouted the place out; the devil was upstairs with the shredded remains of the bartender’s husband. Entering swiftly, we hit the bastard creature hard and efficiently, and dispatched it, and its summoned buddy, back to the nether hells without a casualty. Seems my allies have improved as well, I am happy to report.

They’re still… detectable, though.

I paid to have the husband resurrected, and we’ve set to reinforcing the town. One of Hack’emup’s old friends; a cleric named Tiki, arrived to assist us. He’s being dodgy and evasive, but seems to be a talented cleric. We’ll let him slide, for now, but I’ll do a quick contact check on him later.

Went out with Illiana, who also have some side agenda going, to scout ahead and gather information on the elves. Three towns have been successfully evacuated, and we did manage to get some useful data on the enemy; primarily archers, and looks to be about fifty strong. Alarming though, I noticed a pair of shadows, not at all dissimilar to mine, circling and searching for me. More panicking than alarming, someone spotted me, and managed to sink two arrows into my back… There had been some concern that Sevryn would come back after us, and I still don’t see enough data to see motivation, but that elf is the only person I’ve met that sees and sneaks as well as I do. Might very well be her.

We’ve building a battle plan currently, and boss hasn’t led us wrong yet. Time and the wet goddess will tell.

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything down… Something like two or three years? Goddess only knows; I’ve been too busy. Okay, where to start?

As it turns out, my new understanding of stealth was my first step into an old tradition called Shadowdancing. After some guided research and training, I’ve learned how to utilize darkness in some new and interesting ways; instead of being hidden, I make myself not seen, I can hop from one shadow to another, create illusions and minor magic, see without light, and even learned how to animate my shadow as an independent thing. The first time my shadow got up and moved around was more than a little disconcerting, but I’ve grown used to it. It can talk and act intelligibly and independently, but follows orders well and behaves very much like I do. Little dim witted, if you’ll forgive the pun, but it’s like having a younger sister to work with. An incorporeal little sister with a strength draining attack…

In other news, while the boss got land an title and Hacket got knighted, what does poor Kerris Otema get? A job. Just a middling little job working as a court spy. I’ve built up a few contacts, established an identity for espionage, and have made more than a few lions working for the king to root out treasonous plots, and other assorted work for a few different VIPs. Never against the crown, certainly, but every petty noble seems to want to know what every other petty noble has their noses in. I primarily operate out of Hapwater, now that boss runs the place.

Speaking of Hapwater, I’ve built a mercy house there. There, the poor and sick can go for healing and shelter. It’s run on ‘donations’ and my own pockets, so it’s somewhat limited, but it’s all part of the Goddess’s teachings. I still follow the tenants of Her Wetness, and I still think of myself as a priestess, but I haven’t really done any direct work for the church in some time.

Digging out information on the Marsellians has proven difficult; after the adviser was taken down, they’ve gone to ground. I’ll find them though, one way or another, and drag them into the light. Time will tell.

Kerris's Journal Part Two

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