Haket's Second Journal

It’s been a while since I kept a journal, but I feel the need to do so again. A few days ago, three men adorned in the colors of Valition came upon me deep in a wood with the nearest settlement being the better portion of a day’s walk away. After loosing my sword with a loud thud, I greeted my guests. These men had a letter from the king, for my eyes only. After handing my the letter, they disappeared almost as quickly as they had appeared and I wasn’t able to follow their tracks very far. I am astounded by the resources the king seems to have. Not only were his servants able to find me in these woods untainted by the smell of humans, but they were able to lose me and Snarls….almost as if by magic.

The letter instructed me to report to my old boss Valik in Hapwater Glen for further instructions. Snarls and I discussed what our response to the letter should be for some time before deciding it to be in our best interest to atleast inquire about this secret mission. After a few days, we arrive in good ole Hapwater Glen and are greeted by a strange sight. Kerris seems to have put on a few pounds as she towers over everyone else in town and has someone hanging out of his pocket. The person, it seems, is one of those that assisted us in felling the undead ogre marching on Muckwick. Though I do not remember his name, he smells exactly the same as he did then. Valik also put on a few pounds, but not to degree that Kerris did. As the boss briefs us on the mission, Irena sneaks in and climbs up on Snarls.

It seems that several settlements in the south have been burned down by an army of elves and they are slowly moving north…towards Hapwater Glen. The King wants us to investigate this matter and stop the elves. A short order, eh? So, we set out at that very instant, despite it being the evening and most of us having just arrived, for a 10-day journey back to the same wood that I just arrived here from. What a small world!

As we set out, we don’t even make it out of town’s gate before we’re throwing down with some elves that smell of that wood I traveled through. The battle is quickly over, but we weren’t able to take any prisoners as the last act of one is to plunk an arrow into the throat of the two we were about to tie up. We were able to learn why they attacked though from a note found on one of them with a detailed description of both Kerris and Valik. The two started freaking out about how someone was coming to get revenge, but I didn’t catch the name of who it was. After a short conversation between those two, we proceed out.

Kerris decides to take point, despite not knowing exactly where it is we’re going, and encounters some kobolds from the old fort on patrol. They were tracking some sort of humanoid skeleton creature with a tail that was heading towards Hapwater. After a brief conversation with a rabbit, we are able to pick up the trail the creature took all the way to a house back in town. Kerris moved her shadow into the house, oddly enough, and scouted around. Apparently, a man had been brutually murdered by whatever was hiding upstairs. The others snuck into house while I waited to jump through the thatch roof. Shortly after I heard combat break out, I hulked out and jumped through the roof of the building, bringing my blade down into what I was later informed was a bone devil. He summoned a friend and tried fly away, but not before I swung my blade once more into it’s side. We made short work of him and his friend.

After a short rest, we set out again.

Haket's Second Journal

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