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Meddiwith – an Espurian sorcerer living incognito out of a small house in Harroholm. For all his magical aptitude, he’s a fairly meek and quiet fellow. I found him working as a taskmage when a noble hired me to investigate him on suspicion of sleeping with the noble’s wife. He specializes in divination, with a smattering of conjuration.

Alyse Smyrrol – Bitch. Huge bitch. Huge bitchy bitch. She’s a fellow human Valitonian woman, about my age (plus a few years), and the second best court spy in Harroholm. The daughter of a noble, she has the ear of many on the royal court, and traffics in information, though she is ever bit as capable for physical operations too. She’s snide and charming, in her own condescending way, and I’ve worked with and against her a few times. She treats it all like a game, which drives me, an upstanding professional, up the wetdamned wall.

Gray – Retired gnomish bounty hunter. He’s a blowhard and self proclaimed lady’s man, but Gray knows tracking, and for a few lions, he’ll find the way, person, or place. Haven’t spoken with him in a few months, but last I found him, he was in a shack by Winterfield Barrow, east of Haplake.

William Flanerty – More than a few run ins with this stick in the mud while spying. I can respect that he’s doing his job well, but the nature of my job puts me directly at odds with him. We’re civil, if somewhat standoffish, and I’m pretty sure he knows that I run around as the Dark Hood, but the king’s influence keeps him from tossing accusations.

Lord Farkwad – Valitonian male noble. Lives in Harroholm, and I have used him as a alibi and staging ground for various jobs in the capital city. He’s getting up in age, and I work to make him feel younger than he is. Don’t know if he has a wife or not, and I do feel somewhat guilty about blatantly exploiting him, but the cover is too good to pass up.

Biron Otema – Valitonian male assassin, AKA Black Strangler. He’s my old man, and yes, a murdering sociopath, but he didn’t kill me when given the opportunity! That’s worth something… Anyway, we did a job, indirectly, for him several years ago; 10,000 lions to neutralize the Advisor’s conspiracy. We completed the objective, and I sent word to him, but haven’t heard from him in several years. Not sure where we stand.

Contact List

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