Campaign Sheet

  • Starting Level: 4
  • Starting Wealth: 6,000 Lions (gold)
  • Starting Location: Hapwater Glen, in the country of Valiton.
  • Races: Allowable races are listed here. If the page is unavailable, the race is unavailable. If you want to play an unavailable race, talk to me and we’ll see what we can work out. No guarantees.
  • Classes: Any base class from the core rulebook or the advanced players guide are allowed.
  • Backstories: A backstory detailing how you came to be at your current level, and how you ended up in Hapwater Glen. Incorporating other PC’s into your own background is a plus (and worth a bit of XP). Obviously, if you incorporate another PC, make sure that they incorporate you into their backstory. Things I’m looking for include any parents, mentors, people of interest, etc. A brief travel history, how you ended up where you are, why are you there, etc. Preferably one (1) whole page, but only two (2) at most.
  • Things to Remember: Arcane magic is outlawed in Valiton, so if you are playing an arcane character, come up with a way to hide your abilities or play them off as something else. Divine magic, while frowned upon, is at least tolerated. Read about why arcane magic is outlawed here.
  • Character Creation: Create your characters like you normally would, and if you want to create your character here on the website, be my guest. Otherwise, when I get the characters, I’ll put them up here.
  • Time of Year: The campaign is going to start at some point between Reap and Year’s End, so the weather is going to be getting colder. Hapwater Glen is near the northern border of Valiton, and close to the mountains. It will be colder in this part of the world. The date is approximately the 13th of Hunter’s Moon.
  • Other: Standard Equipment





Campaign Sheet

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